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If you believe abortion is wrong, that is okay.

It’s okay if abortion makes you sad. It’s okay if abortion makes you uncomfortable. It’s not an easy topic to navigate, especially with so much false information surrounding it. It’s okay to not support abortion.

It is NOT okay that you think abortion should be illegal. It is not okay to vote with that intention. It is not okay to harass people on the streets for their healthcare needs.

If you are someone who relates to this statement: “I think abortion is only okay in cases like rape, incest, or if…

For the first time in my adult life, I have a few months of rent in my savings account.

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

Before COVID, I was working three different part-time jobs. Scheduling was a mess. I was making enough money to live and to finance the occasional splurge, but still not saving anything. I felt internal pressure to get a fourth job while also feeling spread thin at the same time.

In March, both of the jobs where I primarily earned my living had drastically changed. The women’s clinic was expecting reduced hours. The restaurant was also expecting reduced hours and was transitioning to a takeout model only. The atmosphere of both workplaces had shifted. No one knew what the pandemic would…

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Breakups are intense.

They are messy and overwhelming. They flood you with feelings that are constantly changing. You become disoriented. Your life isn’t taking the path you thought it would. The only option you have left is to move on. And it’s incredibly hard.

But that’s the thing about breakups, they force reinvention.

My recent breakup felt devastating. The pain was indescribable. I couldn’t quantify it or call it a name. I just knew it was there. And that it consumed me.

The man I had known for 8 years left me. Just like that. It took one minute to…

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

I’m going through a breakup. A big one. My 8-year relationship just ended.

I have all of the feelings. They come in waves, some small and some crashing. For a week I thought I would drown. But I didn’t.

The end of a relationship is hard.

1. Extreme Grief

I grieved for a solid week. I felt intense feelings of loss. Because I not only lost a boyfriend, I lost a partner and a friend. Someone I was so comfortable with that I considered them family. And then one day that was gone.

And it is more than losing the person. You lose…

Growing up, growing apart.

Photo by Chaozzy Lin on Unsplash

She had loved him since she was 16. The genuine laugh and the dimpled smile. The way her heart rose to his touch. They were just children when they fell in love.

Now she sat across from him as he told her about his numbness. His unhappiness with the life he shared with her. She ached for numbness, nothingness, in that moment. The pain was everywhere. She could feel the heartbreak in her toes.

He looked at her with weepy eyes. He didn’t understand it either. The loss of love.

It isn’t something you did, he says. I don’t know…

I love you and I’m sorry.

Photo by Cait

It has been two days since we put you down and it hasn’t stopped raining. The sun just won’t shine without you. We cry and it rains.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry we couldn’t do more for you. Believe me when I say we tried our best. We loved you so purely and I hope you know that. I hope you felt cared for.

I hope you can understand, like we had to, that it was better to make this decision too early than too late. As much as I wanted to stretch out our time, that time wouldn’t have been…

It is intimidation. Not support.

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Choose life.

Protect the rights of tiny women.

Superman was adopted.

Heartbeats detected must be protected.

Deceptively kind slogans.

Abortion is an emotionally charged topic. On both sides of the debate, people feel so passionately about it that they take to the streets to promote their cause. They engage in prayer, protest, or debate. It’s clear that everyone’s feelings are strong.

Working in abortion care, I have seen some of the worst protestors. I keep a watchful eye on our security cameras and watch the turmoil unfold throughout the day.

The protestors stand outside the…

Less is not always more.

Photo by Houcine Ncib on Unsplash

It has been well over a year since I kneeled over the toilet, tears in my eyes and middle finger down my throat. I’ve grown past taking action on my unhealthy impulses. But those thought processes still haven’t gone away. The relationship I have with food is still tumultuous and unforgiving. Eating is not just eating to me.

Eating leads to fullness and fullness is a trigger. If my stomach is full, my brain screams at me to empty it. I have a constant urge to purge.

I’m unhealthily proud of the days that I am too busy to eat…

Photo by T. Chick McClure on Unsplash

I will start by saying that I work in abortion care. I believe that it is necessary. I believe that it is a human right. I also hope that in a perfect world, we won’t need it.

Not because of any moral judgment of women. Not because of religion, or because I have any misplaced belief that I can control someone else’s body. But because I hope we as a society have been able to change our education and healthcare in a way that doesn’t make abortion necessary. …

Photo by chloe s. on Unsplash

I’m an abortion care provider.

I don’t actually do the medical stuff, but I’m a staff member at the only clinic in town. I learn and experience new things every day I work there.

I see the types of women who have abortions: single, married, teens, adults. Scared women, happy women, relieved women. Women of color, women new to America, white women, daughters, women with their babies. It’s a diverse crowd. It’s a human crowd.

I also see the protestors. I see the discomfort and sadness in their eyes as I leave the clinic each day. They line the sidewalks…


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