“K I Get Uber”
M.G. Siegler

OK. Unpopular opinion here: labor is what we need more of in our lives, not less. If indeed we understand the implications of climate change, of the knife’s edge that life on earth is precariously balanced upon, and seeing as carbon emissions have *always* been the culprit… if we understand these things and glance upon a transportation industry built upon the glut of roving humans in poorly planned urban developments, or look upon recent data that shows that planes utterly thrash the environment with emissions on a scale cars cannot even begin to approach…yes if we consider all these things then the conclusion for those who want to save life on this earth from increasingly awful conditions, if we are honest, is to stop moving around so damned much. To literally stop it. Bikes and chariots it would seem, will save us all. If we can let go. Embrace labor. Embrace inconvenience as a means to a more verdant and peaceful planet. If we continue upon the course you’ve prognosticated, that is, to remove two button taps on a touch screen, because *convenience*, because ‘ugh, labor’, please tell me how the portrayal of Earth’s future and the caricature of humanity in the movie Wall-E is anything but a realistic eventuality.

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