What does work mean to you?

There is no right or wrong course, there is only what you claim as your own. For me, it’s the struggle…

Good work is a struggle. It is fighting for every inch. If I am not scared today by the scope of what I hope to achieve tomorrow, I am not aiming high enough or working hard enough. If I am the smartest person in the room, I have also failed. Failed to be brave, to exhibit the bravery that comes with looking stupid, and failed to get nearer those that can teach me. Good work should make me cry — cry knowing that I gave every inch, and cry joyfully from besting the seemingly insurmountable. Happiness for me is overcoming ridiculous challenges, having a respected voice and seat at the table, and being able to laugh off the bruises that would keep others down.

I work because I enjoy creating; I enjoy being challenged and learning from people smarter than myself. Work is personal to me. The challenges that I dedicate myself to help define who I am, and I want people to judge my work as they judge my life. I want to be seen as an active participant, a doer.

Work without purpose, or a defining mission, is a waste of time. Good work has a purpose that is palpable, one that anyone can recognize and vocalize. Its purpose is bold, it is ambitious, and it is a little bit crazy. Good work is a team that executes, and that shows up when it counts, no matter what. It is a team unafraid to tell you that you are aiming too low, that your last deliverable was shit, or that you could do better.

Good work is good people pushing ahead, inch by inch, against all odds.

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