The Moment I Realized That Gender Mattered In Sports
Lyndsey D'Arcangelo

Listen…I am all for fairness, but you are extremely mistaken if you think the genders are EQUAL in terms of physiology related to most sports performance skills. Cameron and Ronan, if you think opening up all sports to “who truly are the best in their sport”, you just killed off the women’s/girls inclusion in a huge amount of sports at the top level. Go on, start doing the research on female/male performance characteristics. Start with this:

I absolutely love watching the USWNT play, but as good as they are, they can’t compete with the best men in soccer (i.e. they won’t take any of their roster spots to compete for the Men’s team). You are essentially asking for an open pool of players to compete for ONE roster? The writer is talking about her experiences as a young girl, and girls often do quite well before their mid teens because they grow faster before the boys catch up. I have coached youth soccer, and I can tell you that everyone could tell the difference when the boys hit puberty. Go on, start taking a look realistically at what will happen if you use her argument for WNBA. How many of those women make an NBA roster? You just effectively killed the WNBA first of all because then its not “fair” to have a women’s league and a men’s league when you are now “uni-gender”. Let’s see how this experiment goes. Sorry, but we are not equal in every way. Sure, if a woman CAN earn a spot on the best teams, then I am all for that. But if you now try to tell people to remove gender from all sports, that is absolute madness.

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