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OMFG! What an asinine comment. I am a social moderate…not a sexist and not against gay marriage and you insult me by saying my attitude is from the 50s? How far left are you, truly? I am a realist! What you are suggesting is not realistic. Read my post again. If you want to do away with gender for sports, you are going to eliminate Title 9 programs…all the tens of thousands of women’s sports teams that women worked so hard to get. Is that what you want? The sports industry is a multi-billion dollar monstrosity. Let’s just do away with women’s sports from youth level through professional. Everyone competes on their own skill for the available slots…across the board.

Am I misunderstanding your intent here? It sure sounds like you said that you want no gender limitations for sports. Or do you want to keep women’s teams ONLY women, but let women that have the skill actually be able to play on “Men ‘s” teams? Well I would agree with that. If a woman can earn a spot ahead of a man, then by all means don’t stop her from getting that spot. If you cannot see the absolutely proven physiological differences in men and women related to athletics, then no scientist alive will prove that to you.

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