The Perfect Fan.

A Mother’s Day story..

Bruno Nascimento

This week’s post is really just a dedication to all mothers out there. That one Perfect Fan of every child, no matter how old or young or how you look. Throughout the many years or little years of your life, have you every taken a step back to think over what mummy has done for you and said a small thank you? Below are some things that you can appreciate them for.

They gave you life.

Well, if there is one thing you should be thankful for is the fact you are reading this. She gave birth to you, gave you life(Fathers too). That’s it!

Your Maria for a good amount of years and more to come

Who washed the dishes after you’re done with them? Who did the laundry? who cooked those awesome meals? Who made your bed when you were too lazy to do it or you were just rushing for school or work or an appointment? The floors are squeaky clean, the toilet smells like the toilet in the 5* hotel you went to the other time, who washed it?

They have the ability to negotiate

In school you were bullied by classmate, Your Mother went down to the principal’s office and gave a lecture. Next day, you walked into class with no fear. Or perhaps you were too “sick” to go to school, next thing you know, a call was made, and wala, school free day

They have the power to “manipulate” you

Mothers have this incredible super power that somehow makes you listen to them, and you have to do their bidding. Why should you be thankful for that you ask? If you didn’t listen, you’d probably be in very bad situation. I do have stories to share about this..

…and last but not least.. they are ALWAYS right(ok maybe only 99%)

Yup, this is just an add on to the previous point. Damn, my mother proves me wrong more often than not. Good thing I followed her advice.

Why not share some fond memories of your mother? :)

Finally… SOTD!!

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