I’ve recently gotten back in pretty decent shape. This is actually nothing new. In fact, it seems like I find myself needing to shed a few tens of pounds every couple of years. A few years ago I was working a consulting job; traveling every week, staying in hotels and eating like a garbage truck. In January of 2014, 200 pounds of me relocated to Minneapolis, MN. Knowing very few people, I suddenly had a lot of time on my hands. I decided to shed a few pounds.

I’d never been on a diet. I read about something called ketosis online and it seemed appealing, so I’d give it a shot. I’d make an entire week’s worth of meals on Sunday nights and portion them in containers to devour at a later time. 7 hardboiled eggs and 14 strips of bacon for breakfasts. 7 skinless chicken breasts, 7 cups of broccoli, and 7 sticks of string cheese for lunches. Dinners consisted of 3 pounds of beef, a bag of shredded cheddar and a few pounds of assorted veggies. Three nights a week I would eat out, which was either a standalone burger with no bun, a steak or more often than not, a somewhat-satisfying bowl of Chipotle — no beans and rice. …

From anything marked “for tobacco use only” to the Hitachi Magic Wand, people use physical products in their daily lives differently than intended. As digital products have evolved to become more and more at the center of everything we do, more and more people are using these products beyond the scope of their creators’ intentions. No product is exempt from these types of unforeseen applications and, despite your resident UX expert’s tireless journey towards creating the most effective experience imaginable, there is no such thing as a perfect user experience. Why? Because people are weird.

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Hassenzahl’s “Model of User Experience”.

Check out the red bit labeled ‘Situation’ on Hassenzahl’s “Model of User Experience” posted above. That’s bonafide weirdness territory. You better expect some shit to go down in this pivotal stage of the user’s experience. From one user to the next, their situation will vary dramatically, and so will their perspective of your product. …

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If Trump for President is all a big joke: somebody please let him in on it.

Let me start by making one thing incredibly clear: I despise Donald Trump and most everything he represents.

That being said, I think it’s time for change. real change. Do I think the Donald is capable of restoring the once-unmatched significance of our beloved Nation? Perhaps, but not likely. Will he build a wall capable of defending the good-hearted American people from drug-dealing Mexican rapists? He is good at building things. Will President Trump grab China in a headlock and negotiate the fried rice out of them? He does it all the time. Will he be honest and transparent about our country’s finances? He almost always is. Will his theatrics become a constant punchline for media organizations around the globe? All publicity is good publicity. Could he end, once and for all, social inequality in this country? He does have a great relationship with the blacks. Will his presidency open our eyes as to just how much of a joke this circle-jerk actually is?


Corey Kellgren

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