Swarm’s Most Successful Investment Opportunity Yet with TheArtToken (TAT) & New Fiat Gateway

Uniting a Community of New Investors with Equity in Real Appreciating Art

Swarm, the go-to enterprise for tokenized securities has raised more than $5 million USD in a matter of days, exceeding funding goals with its most successful investment opportunity to date — TheArtToken (TAT).

2018 has been a mixed bag for Token issuance platforms, with supposed market leader Polymath promising multiple named tokens by this past June, yet finishing the year with zero. Meanwhile Securitize, and now Swarm, have been the only ones to show us the money.

Philipp Pieper, CEO and Co-Founder of Swarm said “Earlier this month we announced two major advancements for digital assets: the launch of TheArtToken and of Swarm’s new fiat investor gateway powered by Mercury FX. It is no surprise that days later, we are seeing TAT reach their first funding target, with many investors choosing to use fiat currencies to purchase TAT.”

TheArtToken is the first investment opportunity on the Swarm platform to accept fiat investments in over 30 global currencies, by the operation of the MercuryFX gateway. Of course Swarm investors can also choose to commit funds using their preferred cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dai, Dash, and SWM.

TheArtToken is a revolutionary approach that combines the best of both worlds — investors profit from the joint benefits of the newest open blockchain technology and the oldest man-made asset in the world.

The TAT token is 100% backed by a collection of real and renowned Post War and Contemporary Artworks, the value of which increased by 14.31% in 2017. The equivalent amount committed into obtaining TAT represents the investors fractional ownership of this prestigious collection. The collection is managed by the experts at Fine Art Digital, which is insured and stored in a Swiss bonded warehouse, safeguarded by the Swiss government.

Hardly any other asset class has been able to so sustainably multiply the capital invested. Art-as-an-investment has proven to be one of the most stable and appreciating stores of wealth over the last 5 decades, with an average ROI of 10.85% annually.

TAT is supported by Swarm’s SRC-20 security token, which is designed to be interoperable with all regulatory compliant trading platforms and exchanges. This means that once the minimum funding goal of $16 million has been reached, the TAT tokens will be listed on multiple licensed exchanges, providing investors with a daily tradable, tangible asset.

The sale continues on Swarm. Having now moved into phase 2, after smashing the first funding goal, a 20% discount applies which drops to 10% in phase 3 on the 8th of Jan-2019. The sale then finishes shortly after on the 15th Jan, or if the hard cap goal of $25 USD million prior to that.

To find out more check out Swarm or TheArtToken.

Or, check out this TAT teaser video.