I am a EcoBuddy are you?

My creation EcoBuddy, iOS app, was built to create a community for the eco-conscious users. This platform virtually rewards the user for all their eco-activities, allows users to update their daily activities, share eco-updates with friends and family via FB & Twitter, and get useful eco-tips and news. The long-term vision for EcoBuddy is to further incentive eco-activities and bridge the gap between the eco-users and eco-retailers by proving a platform for eco-retailers to improve marketing ROI and brand loyalty and for eco-users to redeem their virtual rewards for real goods.

iTunes Story..

Do you walk to work, recycle paper, reuse a coffee mug, or make a conscious effort to save the environment? Do you want to log all your eco-activities and gauge your impact on the environment? You got the perfect app EcoBuddy as it was built keeping you in mind. With EcoBuddy you can keep track of all your daily eco-conscious activities such as eating, shopping, recycling and such, get rewarded for all your eco-activity updates, share all your eco-updates, stay on top of your green-game among your fellow EcoBuddies, read the latest eco-friendly news updates and get some cool tips on how to stay and be green.

We hope that EcoBuddy will help you to think, do and stay the greenest!


  • Log: to track all your eco-activities and earn points.
  • Leaderboard: to compete with your fellow EcoBuddies.
  • Share: to keep friends and family tuned in with your green updates via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Stream: to get the latest eco-friendly news.
  • Tip: on how to be and stay green.


  • Check scores for each activity and track process
  • Connect with FB and Twitter to share updates


  1. Add eco-activities
  • Shop — buying eco-goods
  • Recycle — reusing coffee mug, clothes, electronics
  • Energy — using energy efficient appliances
  • Share your activities on FB / Twitter.

2. Get virtual rewards for activities


  • Simulates a competitive environment.
  • Encourages eco-friendly behavior among users.
  • Makes the world a greener place.

iTunes reviews

Great App ★★★★★

by VJ Sil — Version 1.0 — May 3, 2012

Love the eco-friendly news & tips which lets me take a step closer to being an eco-buddy! A feature I would like to have is to add my own eco-friendly activities.

Go green ! ★★★★★

by Mitali6 — Version 1.0 — May 3, 2012

Nothing like it to track your carbon footprint and be Eco conscious get it now.

Great app ★★★★★

by RahulG — Version 1.0 — May 3, 2012

more Awesome app — use it everyday to do my bit to save the earth!

Great way to stay green! ★★★★★

by GoGreen666 — Version 1.0 — May 3, 2012

Great app for the environmentally conscious! Will use it with my son to teach how simple activities add up and can make a difference. Love that it is easy to navigate and looks cool!

Awesome app! ★★★★★

by App Reviewer 999! — Version 1.0 — Apr 28, 2012

Great easy to use UI. Helps me keep track of my Eco activities. Now am going to drive my hummer with peace of mind :):). Lol.

Loving this app ★★★★★

by upandit — Version 1.0 — Apr 24, 2012

I like this app for its simple usability and reward system. I plan to use this app every day to encourage my daughter to make eco friendly decisions such as using less water, recycling etc. I like how it posts to Twitter. I wish there was a “wall” to see what my friends are up to. Please add this in the next version.

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