10 Travel Essentials to Pack For Your Next Bus or Train Trip

Long weekends and brighter days mean more time to travel. So you might be a savvy traveler using the affordable convenience of the bus or train. Besides your clothes, phone charger and your camera, no trip is complete without a few travel essentials to make your next bus or train trip a little more carefree. Here are 10 must-haves to pack on your next bus or train trip.

  1. Portable Battery Charger. Even though the bus and train guarantee chargers, sometimes the outlets just don’t work. Charge you portable battery to make sure your phone never dies.
  2. Extra Toilet Paper or Travel-sized baby wipes. The bathroom on the bus or train is not frequently checked during your ride. Right when you are ready to go, you might find an empty roll. Bring your own just to be safe.
  3. Hand Sanitizer. There’s no guarantee that there will be enough soap in the bathroom.
  4. Sweater or a blanket. There is no way to tell what the temperature will be onboard. (Or if the bus will break down.) Wear layers so you can take something off if it’s too hot and bring a sweatshirt or blanket just in case it’s freezing cold.
  5. Extra Headphones. Bring a spare. Headphones and the mate to your sock have an uncanny way of finding new homes.
  6. Water & a familiar snack. One of the benefits of traveling via bus or train is that you can bring water. Varying temperatures on your vessel of choice and hours of travel can be dehydrating. You also want to stay full because the price and selection of buses is minimal to none. Sometimes the cafe on the train is closed. To help avoid the need for #8 on this list, try to make the snack one that your stomach is well-acquainted with.
  7. Non-electronic entertainment. In the event that your entertainment loses battery life, bring something that doesn’t require charging. Books, journal magazine, or a light craft project are good ideas.
  8. Mint/Ginger Candy, Gum or Lozenges. The last place that you want a bout of nausea to hit you is on a moving vessel that you can’t get off of. Mints, ginger candies, gum and lozenges may help take the edge off.
  9. Dark duct tape or jumbo safety pins. Bags have a funny way of breaking while they are being used. If something goes awry it’s good to bring reinforcements.
  10. Phone numbers that matter & photocopied versions of your ID and essential cards. Just in case you don’t bring your portable battery, or you do and your phone disappears — write down numbers that matter so you aren’t completely lost. And keep the digits of a form of payment, and a copy of your ID on you, so you can still pay for things in the event your wallet disappears.

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