5 Lessons from 2017’s “Wonder Woman” for Women at Work

(Disclaimer: Please excuse the title, I’m sure the contents of this piece also apply to all people, but I could not resist the consonance.)

After I saw Patty Jenkins’ “Wonder Woman” (2017) this weekend, I was stealthily walking through the parking lot performing slow motion air punches and kicks to no one in particular. It was a vision. I, like Wonder Woman, was dressed for the occasion in my black stretch jeans. The only front line that I’m on is my 9–5. So, as I drove home with visions of being a mighty Amazon saving the world and whatnot, I pondered how to use my power, at work. So, here are 5 work lessons for the working woman from the 2017 motion picture “Wonder Women” starring Gal Gadot.

  1. Have you mastered your craft? By the time Diana left home, she had been trained and educated for years. Yes, she was destined for greatness, but she also spent most of her life mastering her craft. She was ready when opportunity presented itself. At work, do you wait to be identified for position or task, or do you work on your craft regardless of who notices?
  2. Are you focused on your goals? No man, no challenge, no ice cream could keep Diana from accomplishing her goal. Sure, she entertained some wardrobe changes, friendships and exploration — but her focused remained on her one goal. Do you stay focused at work, or are you easily distracted by anything and everything else?
  3. Do you persist despite doubters? Diana’s mother and beau both expressed and confessed doubt in her goals. It was a nagging undercurrent of her relationships with the people who mattered to her the most. Yet, she persisted with fervor. She has a far-fetched (highly unbelievable) ambition and despite doubt she kept going. How do you respond when your ideas, projects and work/business ambitions are met with doubt?
  4. Does you effort match your talent? Diana did not have blind ambition, she had ambition with talent. Does your hustle match your talent? Or are you riding on your talent to take you to your professional finish line?
  5. Do you have an intention? Before she ever left her paradise, she had an intention. This intention held her through turmoil, doubt and literally being a fish out of water. What’s your intention with your role and how have you made it real to yourself everyday?

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