7 Career Tips From Beauty & The Beast

O n March 17, 2017 Disney will release Beauty & The Beast starring Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame. If you were raised in the 90's, you know that the animated version of Beauty & The Beast, complete with an amazing soundtrack by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman was released in 1991. Now that you’re fully adulting, with a job and responsibilities, this childhood movie may have more than entertainment value. So, here are 10 career tips from the 90s classic Beauty & The Beast.

  1. Work on your craft to your highest ability. Beauty & The Beast was the first animated film to win a Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Picture. The animators who worked on this film probably never thought their work would earn a Golden Globe. Pursuing an uncommon, creative, and less prestigious career path can come with risks, questions and the disapproval of your loved-ones. It doesn’t always lead to a Golden Globe, but pursuing your craft with excellence can pay off in ways that you might not expect if you are dedicated.
  2. Understanding your coworker’s backstory may make a difference. The Beast, is a beast. His arrogance and selfishness have made his life dark, empty and hopeless. So, his presence always casts misery on others. It has nothing to do with them, and every thing to do with him. This could be the case with a coworker or leader who is consistently pessimistic, surly or difficult. It could have nothing to do with you, and everything do do with their experience.
  3. Understanding your own backstory can make a difference. In the reverse, to tip #2, it is possible that your own backstory can negatively influence your work experience. It’s good to be self-aware and check your baggage at the door before you start your work and engage with your team.
  4. [Fill in the blank bias] and brains aren’t mutually exclusive. Belle, literally means “beautiful” in French. As Belle navigates her way through town in the opening scene she has her had deep in a book, and she is turning heads because her interest in books seems strange to the town. They sing, “ Now it’s no wonder that her name means “Beauty”/Her looks have got no parallel/But behind that fair facade/I’m afraid she’s rather odd.” Why? Because she is always reading, and beauty and brains don’t fit their view of compatibility. There are many career paths that don’t fit someone else’s perspective of your intellect and ability based on what they see on the outside. Their perspective doesn’t make it truth.
  5. Use it so you don’t lose it. In the song “Be Our Guest” the staff at the castle sing, “Ten years we’ve been rusting/Needing so much more than dusting/Needing exercise, a chance to use our skills!” They have been at work, but they’ve been underutilized. They let themselves get rusty, because they were never asked to do work that met their full potential. They get in full swing with their first guest in 10 years. They give it all they’ve got, but it takes some work to find their swing. It is a really good reminder to take time, even if it’s your free time, to stay current and relevant with your core skills so that you’re ready when opportunity strikes.
  6. Be kind regardless of titles, ranks or status. The Prince had an entire castle and wasn’t willing to extend kindness to woman who came to his door, because he made an arrogant judgment based on her appearance. Showing kindness at work should not be based on rank or title.
  7. Innovation & creativity matter even if they aren’t initially understood. Belle’s father Maurice is an inventor who is ridiculed for his personality, profession and failures. He persists and stays true to his creative drive. Eventually, his invention works. He would never see the fruit of his labor if he stopped at the first criticism.

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