5 Ideas to Not Fall Off Your Career Goals in the Fall

One of my co-workers told me that she hated Fall, because that meant winter was coming. I immediately felt sadness for the inanimate thing that is Fall (or Autumn, if we’re doing this properly). Is Fall itself that bad? I mean apple pie, burnt orange leaves, refreshing winds and the orangey-brown color palette takeover isn’t that bad, right? It isn’t winter, why would it get the blame?

Even if you love the Fall, and I do, it doesn’t have the enchanting allure of summer. There is no “Song of the Fall” like there is a “Song of the Summer” (maybe we should start doing that?).

Then there is the power of summer sunshine. Sunshine —the stuff that dreams are made of — is literally most abundant in the summer.

So, when you finally get settled back into the groove of projects at work after all of the summer travel, weddings, conferences, festivals, etc. without the sunshine, Fall can feel like an abrupt end to the fun. Comforting and mellow, but decidedly not energizing and fun.

I recently walked out of a coffee shop and got my favorite seasonal coffee beverage, and I realized that my coworker had a point. Fall means that winter is coming. Just a few more Salted Caramel Mochas this Fall and by winter I’ve become a different version of myself. Fall activities generally aid the fall off/slow down that the cold weather induces. A lack of sunshine usually leads to a lack of zest and energy. And WE CANNOT DO THIS, THIS FALL, because we have goals.

No, this Fall if we plan right, we can be energized, productive and fun, as we walk into our respective cubicles, offices, shared space pods or home offices. Here are 5 ideas to not fall off in the Fall:

  1. Go Outside During the Work Day. Fall is not winter. If you took a quick walk outside during lunch in the summer, grab a jacket and keep it up in the Fall! I don’t have a window seat at work, so the movement and little bit of sunshine help to fend off the seasonal slump in energy and attitude.
  2. Revive Your Fall Wardrobe. Adding something new, even if it is one thing, can give you just the boost you need. Mending, dry cleaning and reviving your favorite fall jacket, or getting your boots cleaned and repaired, can put you in the right state of mind when you are getting dressed in the morning. I’m not a big shopper, but I recently got some shoes that make me feel like Dorothy in her ruby slippers. Its working.
  3. Have a One-on-One Performance Evaluation and Planning Session with Yourself. What do you you want to accomplish at work in the Fall?We have goals given by supervisors, but we also have overall career goals. How well have you been performing against your overall goals? I’ve come to realize that we are the only ones who can keep us accountable with these goals. Blocking time on the calendar to spend time evaluating and planning, can give you new focus in the Fall. I’ve found this to be pretty helpful when you have a full-time job and entrepreneurship goals.
  4. Bring A Good Lunch to Work. In my life, there is direct correlation between my general workplace energy and focus, and my diet. So, I try not to eat things that don’t agree with me (…often). My appetite can change in colder seasons. Cold leads to cravings for comforting foods and if I’m not ready, restaurant options close to my job that I scoffed at in the summer can become my best friend. If I prep some of my favorite lunches at the beginning of the week, I am more likely to eat the good things, and there is more time to walk or move during lunch. Win. Win.
  5. Office Space Makeover Time. I moved to a new work space a couple months ago and it gave me an opportunity to assess my decor. Frankly it was (and kind of is) a little lackluster. I am pretty sensitive to my environment and I like beautiful things. My office space didn’t reflect that at all. My stationery was doing all the right things, but I got a new plant, added new pictures in cool frames, and a new piece of art. Do you have life, color and office supplies that help you to enjoy your space? Fall can be a great time to makeover your office space.
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