The Other Me..

From the corner in silence, it sneaks

So deep and serene sometimes

Some unheard unspoken words it speaks

Fidgety and Restless at times

As soon as I feel I know its every move

In its banality, so vague so abstract

It kicks into another unpredictable groove

Making it unique, so precise and exact

One moment it’s strong, leading the way

The other so fragile and weak

Just now, I was chasing it away

Now it follows me like a meek

Why do I feel this exceptional bond with it?

Feel envy, if on someone else it falls?

I have no control over its shape or behavior

It’s an independent entity after all

When darkness consumes me, I don’t see it anymore

I regret taking it for granted in light

Can’t stand this separation, feeling left alone ashore

Looking for it morose every night

Nevertheless, it continues to follow everywhere

May the path be wide or narrow

It’s a reflection, a projection, an extended part of me

The Other Me,

My very own shadow…