Published on 23 March 2015

One of our clients never considered hiring a call center until her overwhelmed assistant suggested it. “The signs were right there in front of my face,” she says. “But I was so busy putting out fires, it never occurred to me that we needed a call center to keep those fires under control in the first place.”

What are the signs that your business might need a call center?

Here are some common clues that can creep up on busy business owners — problems that can hurt productivity and cripple customer satisfaction. If one or more ring a bell with you, your business just might need a call center!

1. Your Sales Team is Swamped

Cold-calling might be part of the job description, but if your sales team doesn’t have time for more productive activity, you’ve got a problem.

Plus, no matter how good they are, they can’t approach the capacity of a top outbound call center. Can they make 100 targeted business-to-consumer dials per hour — or 50 for business-to-business? Do they pitch 15% of them? That’s quadruple what most individuals can handle.

2. Leads (or Conversions) are Down

Maybe your sales people don’t have time to make the calls they need to make. Or maybe they’re too swamped to follow up. But if there’s a downward trend, it’s time to take action.

A lead generating call center becomes a seamless extension of your sales team, with classroom-trained agents working from customized scripts that anticipate frequently asked questions. They’ll help convert leads into sales, and sales into bigger sales. And you’ll receive full daily and weekly reports to see what’s working best.

3. Your CRMs are DOA

If your sales team is swamped with calls, when are they updating your database?Your lists are only as good as their most current information, so if you’re finding errors or outdated data in your CRM, that’s a major red flag.

Your call center isn’t all about generating leads — professional, well-trained agents keep your database current with targeted questioning and timely data entry.

4. Your Voicemail is Maxed Out

Is your sales crew constantly calling people back? That’s time waster for you, clients and — worst of all — prospects. And what about the messages you never even get?Every missed contact is an invitation for a competitor to take your business — and a good sign that you need a call center.

Call centers work both ways, after all. While your outbound callers generate leads, your inbound center features a professional answering service to route calls smoothly and keep prospects from being stuck on hold.

5. Customer Complaints are Up

There’s probably no surer sign that your business needs a call center than an uptick in customer complaints. If people you do business with are telling you there’s a problem, then guess what? There’s a problem.

A typical inbound call center spends 50% of its time on customer service, from simple questions to complex troubleshooting. Trained agents know your business well enough to handle most issues — and when they can’t, they know when to pass a caller to your in-house team.

Plus, they’re fully staffed, 24 hours a day, to handle customers from around the globe.

If you see any of the above signs, you need a call center! Ask us how we can custom-build one for your business.

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