No matter how much time you and your sales staff spend on the phone, you can’t approach the lead-generating power of an outsourced call center. A top call centercan out-call, out-pitch and out-convert even your top sales people.

So — how do you find a call center for business-to-business lead generation?

Here’s what to look for:

Outbound Calling Capacity

Your outbound call center should be like a turbocharged extension of your business-to-business sales team, executing 30–50 targeted dials per hour and pitching between five and seven of them — quadruple what an average person can do.

Meanwhile, you and your sales team can focus on the leads and clients you already have.

Agent Training

Remember, the people you’re calling aren’t looking to be “leads” — they’re busy professionals who’ll hang up the second they feel their time’s being wasted.

That’s why high calling volume is useless without professional, well-trained agents on your end of the line. Agents should have classroom training that includes vocal coaching, rapport techniques and gatekeeping skills.

Finally, your call center agents should know your business — not just bullet points on a script, but in-depth knowledge that helps turn a doubter into a lead.

Customized Scripts

Do your calling agents say the same thing to every prospect? Or can they adapt on the fly and engage the busy professionals on the other end of the call?

They can if they have the right script — a customized script that’s built specifically for your business-to-business lead generation. Your scriptspique interest, answer questions and prompt prospects into requesting more information.

Scripts should always include a detailed page of Frequently Asked Questions, so agents are prepared for anything a prospect may ask. They’ll sound prepared and confident — and as you know, confidence sells.

A Database-Building Campaign

Business-to-business lead generation isn’t just about calls — it’s about building relationships with multiple contacts. It may all start with a single call, but where does it go from there?

With a multi-touch campaign strategy, you’ll build your database with every contact. From the first call that identifies the decision-maker, to the emails and follow-up calls that turn the prospect into a lead, you’ll accumulate actionable data and keep your CRM current.

Your call center should keep you current, as well. Expect detailed daily updates on every new lead, and weekly reports that show you where you should focus your resources.

Quality Assurance

You have a business to run. You shouldn’t have to monitor your call center.

Find a call center that guarantees daily live agent monitoring, forecasting down to the hour, live real-time coaching and weekly agent evaluations. Does your call center conduct daily test calls? If not, how can they promise quality assurance you can rely on?

Don’t Forget Inbound!

Business-to-business lead generation is mostly about outbound calls, but don’t forget the inbound side of the equation.

When prospects call you back, a well-trained inbound call center will make sure calls get routed correctly, questions get answered in full, and every enquiry gets satisfied.Inbound agents should be specifically trained to listen, help and build trust between callers and you.

Your call center should qualify leads, help convert leads into sales, and sales into bigger sales. Ask us how your call center can turbo-charge your business-to-business lead generation 888.229.7046