How to Hire the Right Call Center for Your Business

Sales staff swamped with calls? Voicemail maxed out? Customer service dropping the ball? Yes, Mr. Founder or Ms. CEO, it’s time to outsource your small business call center.

But how do you hire the right call center for your small business?

There’s no easy answer — every small business is different, and there are dozens of call center providers. But no one knows your business better than you. Consider the following factors in terms of your business’s needs, and you’ll be able to choose the perfect call center:

Inbound vs. Outbound Service

Does your business have a greater need for an inbound or outbound call center? Aninbound call center specializes in:

· Customer service — from simple questions to complex troubleshooting.

· Direct advertising response — answering questions and converting leads into sales.

· Answering service — routing calls smoothly, saving prospects from being stuck on hold.

· Lead qualification and upselling — because people don’t always know what they want, even if they think they do!

An outbound call center specializes in:

· Lead generation — a seamless extension of your sales team, with quadruple the capacity.

· Sales — converting leads into sales, upselling and cross-selling.

· Database maintenance — keeping your CRMs updated.

· Market research — keeping youon top of the latest trends affecting your business.

Many top providers supply both inbound and outbound call centers, but knowing your priorities will help you choose the right one.

Agent Training

Of course, none of the above works very well without rigorously trained call center agents.

If the people on the other end of the line can’t understand your agents, can’t get the information they need, or feel like their time is being wasted, you risk losing their business forever.

Your call center’s agents should have classroom training that includes vocal coaching, rapport techniques and gatekeeping skills. And they should know your business — not just bullet points on a script, but in-depth knowledge that helps turn a doubter into a lead.

Flexibility, Volume and Uptime

Because you run a small business, you might think you need a small call center. But in reality, the opposite is true.

After all, your needs might change by the month, by the week, or even by the hour. A larger call center gives you exactly the capacity you need, without paying for it when you don’t.

What kind of capacity? A top outbound call center can execute up to 100 targeted dials per hour, pitching as many as 15 of them. A large inbound call center can handle the same kind of volume. And they operate 24 hours a day to connect with people in any time zone, worldwide.

Integration with Your Business

An outbound call from your company may be the first time a prospect ever hears from you. And your inbound call center builds the trust your small business needs, by answering callers’ questions, solving their problems and fulfilling their requests.

That’s why, above all else, you want your outsourced call center to operate like it’s part of your company.

Top calling center managers make sure they stay in-the-loop with your business. They’ll help you create detailed, customized scripts and Frequently Asked Questions, so your calling agents will be prepared for anything.

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