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New Jobs Created and Sharing the Love 2017

DEER PARK, ILLINOIS — The mission at QCSS has always been to build the local and national economy. In 2017, QCSS is adding to that mission. For each new piece of business QCSS receives this year, they will also be giving back to not-for-profits and charities.

The 2017 mission of QCSS has turned into “Sharing The Love.”

The first donation from QCSS will be made, to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Since then, QCSS will donate to Operation Smile and Paralyzed Veterans of America. Along with these donations to charity, QCSS has created 3 of their 200 job creation 2017 goal.

“We know that charities and not-for-profits rely on donations to reach their impact goals each year, and we wanted to find a way to help in 2017,” said Christina Karabetsos, Vice President of QCSS. “We thought, ‘what better way to contribute than to share, with each of our internal wins?’ We shared this idea with our team, and the response we received back was heartwarming. We’ve learned a lot about issues and causes that are important to the entire team.”

The QCSS company philosophy is “Treat people as we like to be treated — to love others and show them kindness, compassion, and respect in all our dealing — 24/7.” Adding not-for-profits and charities into the company mission for 2017 only makes sense.

“Beyond reaching revenue, new account, and job creation targets, we now have impact goals for 2017. It has made each sale win thus far meaningful, and we are so excited to track our impact throughout the remainder of the year,” added Christina.


QCSS stands for Quality Customer Service & Sales. QCSS embraces communication and innovation to transform human interactions into powerful and passionate customer experiences. QCSS currently provides inbound customer service and answering services as well as outbound telesales, appointment setting and lead generation solutions.

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