First Advertisement Without Editing?

Makeup advertisements always try and steer one towards their products. According to these products, without them, one would look terrible. There are all sorts of products out today claiming to do something better than the last. No matter if the product successfully does what it claims, the advertisements definitely make it seem like it will.

In this advertisement for foundation, the need for attention appeal is used. Need for attention is used because it is a makeup advertisement. The girl in the advertisement is the focus of it, and she is taking a picture of herself. From this advertisement it seems like the girl wants attention and is giving off a sense of confidence with the way she is carrying herself. Also, one can argue that the need for autonomy is used in this article. The girl is alone in the advertisement. She is the sole focus of the photo and the product is for something used personally by someone. Maybe this advertisement is encouraging one to use it to stand out and not be like the rest by using this particular foundation. This advertisement also has an USP. The USP of this advertisement is where the advertisement says, “You’re looking at the first unretouched make up ad.” This is an USP because it makes the product stand out from all other foundations. It’s telling the consumer that this advertisement is real, the model is real, and the product is real. Even if this actually isn’t true, which it most likely isn’t, the everyday girl looking for foundation to create “perfect skin” will eat this advertisement up.

The reactions formed from seeing this advertisement is exactly the reaction brands like Make Up Forever want and need. From having an “unretouched” photo and claim so enticing as this one, their is no way brands such as Make Up Forever couldn’t be so popular.