So you have decided you want an internship, or at least you want to participate in a research opportunity. Congrats, you have taken the first crucial step! But now you are faced with the exciting, possibly nerve-wracking, hopefully, door-opening decisions: How do I get in contact with the person, group, organization, or company I want to work with? Well, that’s where I come in! Here are some tips that I have used and that have worked for me when cold emailing about research internships and opportunities.

Now as goofy as this sounds and how…

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I hit a roadblock. As I am sure many of you felt last April, May, June, July.. quarantine dragged on and on. Furthermore, it was spring for my senior year and I wasn’t able to spend time with the countless friends, teachers, and family members who had supported me over the years or attending the in-person graduation I had been excited about for years.

Now, I know this is not a unique situation. Many of us dealt with this disappointment and grief last year, and countless others are still trying to predict what their graduations may look like this spring…

Cecelia Kaufmann

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