Corker + Pointer + GSE Credit Default Swaps (Say It Isn’t So)

  1. As of his CY 2013 Financial Disclosure Form, Senator Bob Corker owned between $5 million and $25 million of a HEDGE FUND named Pointer (guess those hedgies ain’t too bad, huh Bob?)

2. In 2008, Pointer owned GSE Credit Default Swaps and financially benefited from the Government’s takeover of the GSEs.

3. Senator Corker recently called for the investing public to short the GSEs on a nationally televised financial news show.

4. This doesn’t mean that Pointer is currently short the GSEs, but they (and other hedge funds that Senator Corker owns or owned) could be or could have been during Senator Corker’s lengthy and ongoing efforts to destroy the GSEs, which raises some interesting questions…

We’ll give the last word to Hall and Oates, a way more entertaining duo than Santelli & Corker…and with better facial hair to boot.

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