The Cost of Our Weddings
Meghan Nesmith

Making a wedding budget is HARD. Most people have never planned a massive party at this scale before, so you don’t know what a reasonable cost is for, say, dinner for 150 people. And if you look to the internet for guidance you’re met with anything from “if you spend less than $100k you might as well not bother,” to “if you spend more than $15 you’re a materialistic idiot.” And then there’s this whole guilt trip around deciding that, you know what, I’m ok with dropping a significant amount of cash to celebrate our partnership with all the people I love. That is an ok thing to want to spend money on.

Our wedding is coming up this summer, and we budgeted $30k — that’s soup to nuts, engagement ring to honeymoon. So far we’ve spent or committed to spending (as in, contracts have been signed and/or we have itemized how much non-negotiable things like a marriage license will cost) $19k, which includes all of the big items. But I’m sure those little things will add up in the coming months…

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