Airports are like my secondary home. Photo Jonathan Cohen

Half My Flights This Year Were Free & In Business Class

Volunteering To Be Bumped

The bulk of airport check-in kiosks will prompt to ask if you would like to volunteer to be bumped if the flight becomes overbooked. Always click yes unless your travelling is extremely time sensitive.

An example that recently just happened in September:

Flying from YOW to ORD
Flying from ORD to AUS
Cost: $0 / Originally $385 USD

While in ORD the airline paged me, they offered a $400 USD voucher if I would be willing to take the same flight but just 2 hours later. The airline was giving me a $400 voucher for a flight I paid less than that for, I agreed.

Maximizing Your Perks Of Being Bumped

It doesn’t end at just getting the voucher. Maximize the perks that they’re able to offer to you for being bumped off the flight. This is the script I usually follow:

Can you book me on the next flight with business class still open? It is going to be such a long day for me, and I’d like to fly business class.
Would it be possible for me to get a lounge pass because I’m going to be just sitting here waiting for the next flight?
Ah, I haven’t eaten yet & I was going to eat on the plane. Can I just get two meal vouchers for the airport?

All sudden I had a $400 voucher, lounge pass ($50), 2 meal vouchers ($20), and I was flying first class (~$200). It should be noted that flying first class includes a meal & alcoholic beverages.