Different Ways to Communicate

It’s almost Fall Break and I get to see my god-child when I go home (super exciting!!!). She’s just over 1-year-old so she doesn’t know many words. One word she does know is “nanny” and it’s my absolute favorite thing in the world to hear. I’m thinking a lot about how she’s so good at getting her point across with only knowing a few words. Body language, is a type of rhetoric that we don’t think about a lot. If she doesn’t want something, she just turns her head. If she’s mad, she’ll throw herself on the ground and have a tantrum. It’s funny because when we think about how we communicate, we always think language and speech. But there are so many people in the world that communicate in different ways. There are blind, deaf, and mute people in the world who find different ways to say the things that they have to say.

So no matter how you choose to communicate, your choice is valid. The choices of others are just as valid as well! - Outerspace Chase


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