Gatlin and Bolt, an Exciting Rivalry

Usain Bolt of Jamaica and Justin Gatlin of the United States took 1st and 2nd in the 100m sprint in their run on August 14th with Bolt taking first and Gatlin earning the silver. Bolt took 1st by running the 100 meters in 9.81 seconds, and Gatlin took home the silver by running a close 9.89. There was much anticipation to this final because of how Gatlin had gotten faster and there was not one hundred percent certainty Bolt was healthy because of a hamstring injury suffered during the Jamaican trials. The Jamaican Olympic Team gave him an injury excuse and allowed Bolt to not compete in trials and still go to the Olympics in Rio. Gatlin was able to best Bolt off the block by having a reaction time of 0.152 which was 6th best among the field while Bolt had a start time of 0.155 which was second to last among the fieldof eight. Gatlin is a brilliant technical runner and that might be the reason why he came tearing out of the blocks to get the lead. Bolt on the other hand uses his advantage of being tall and having long strides to catch his opponents as he did to Gatlin the last thirty meters of the race. Their contrasting styles made up for an exciting rivalry when they raced on the track. Gatlin, the brilliant technical runner while Bolt plays to his strengths very, very well. The rivalry might not be done yet as Bolt and Gatlin are both competing in the 200 meter dash. If both runners can get to the final, which my guess and hope is that they will, then we can have another Bolt-Gatlin match up. Bolt is the world champion at the event, but Gatlin has always been looking to finally upset Bolt. The 200 will be the last time we will see this rivalry as Bolt has announced retirement after the games and Gatlin is 34. Gatlin and Bolt are getting to the finish line soon in both their races and their careers.

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