Greek Freak Still Growing

Giannis Antetokounmpo, or the “Greek Freak” is the starting small forward for the Milwaukee Bucks. He is 6'11, has a 7'4 inch wingspan, and is 21. Oh, and did I forget to mention he is still GROWING. From the time the Bucks drafted him in 2013, he has grown an inch and a half. The Bucks doctors also have told him that he will continue to grow for three more years. He is very likely to end up being taller than seven feet tall.This long wingspan has already made him a defensive force. Through the 2016 season he averaged a block and a steal a game while also scoring sixteen points a game, seven rebounds, and four assists. The Greek Freak is much more than a long wingspan because he is willing to pass, to play defense, and to rebound along with scoring. If he continues to be willing to play defense, I think he is a future defensive player in the making, and he has already made a habit of chasing people down and blocking their shot. The one thing that needs to be worked on is his jump shot, as he only made 28% of his three pointers last season. If he can raise it 5–7% then that will make defenses think about him shooting the three. That will open up drives to the paint, where he can throw down a dunk, and even if he has to dunk over a taller defender. I think in a few years, the Greek Freak will be a two way super star. The Bucks have a promising future with the Greek Freak, point guard Michael Carter Williams, power forward Jabari Parker,shooting guard Khris Middleton, and center Greg Monroe. All of the players in the Bucks starting lineup are taller than 6'6 and that could make them a force defensively because the opponent will have a very hard time passing against all those long arms. The Greek Freak will have the opportunity to lead the Bucks as an elite team in the Eastern Conference, and I think he will do much more than that.

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