The Swiss Army Knife of College Football

It’s time for college football again!It’s the season of upsets, teams you never saw coming, and an unknown Heisman dark horse. It always seems that a player comes out of nowhere to win or almost win the Heisman. Robert Griffin the third was unknown until in 2011 when he threw for 37 touchdowns with only six interceptions, and rushing for 699 yards with 10 touchdowns. Christian McCaffrey was not a huge name until last year when he broke the all purpose yards record with 3,496 combined yards of rushing, receiving, and returning punts and kickoffs. These players can come out of nowhere and become a key contributor for their teams. I think one of the reasons why they become such game changers for their teams is because they have the element of surprise. Teams don’t focus on them as much as they would on another player. One of the reasons I think the running back for LSU, Leonard Fournette’s production will go down this year is because teams will focus on stopping him. Also, LSU doesn’t have a very good quarterback in terms of passing the ball in Anthony Harris. Their limited quarterback potential does not allow Fournette to get any big runs. Fournette is a great runner, but I don’t think it is possible for anyone to beat seven or eight defenders coming to tackle you. The reason I think Christian McCaffrey will win the Heisman trophy this year is because he does so much more than running. With, Fournette teams can stack the box with eight or nine defenders and stop all runs up the middle. When McCaffrey returns punts and kickoffs though, you can’t stack the box full of defenders. It also gives him space to run, and no team wants that against the great running back from Stanford. Also, Mcaffrey has a lot of speed so that allows him to get to the outside, and have a lot of space. He also comes out of the backfield and that gives him even more room to run, and the combination of returning kicks, rushing, and receiving passes with space is deadly. I think Christian McCafrey will win the Heisman because he can do everything, and that’s what makes him the Swiss army knife of college football.

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