Philosophical Thought Experiments

Source : The Imaginative Conservative

In the Turing test computer intelligence is a misnomer. The first reason is that the Turing test tasks a human to determine if the person talking them is a computer if they think it is a human the computer wins and the reason why it’s a misnomer is because it doesn’t understand what it’s doing. To disprove they set up the chinese room which a man is given symbols and has a book telling him which symbols to send out. This test describes my evidence which computers are just doing what is told to them. The computer doesn’t truly have intelligence it is made to serve and it doesn’t understand emotions like a human it does what it’s told to do. Along with being told what to do, the second reason computers seem smart is because computer’s are programmed which means they really can’t do anything until someone puts in code which allows them to do this. Computers only know to things 1 and 0 , so until someone makes a code allowing the computer respond it’s pretty much just a fancy brick.Finally the Chinese room disproved this.The final reason it’s a misnomer is because The Chinese room truly models the inside computer.The person/computer get an input and depending on the input they have a different output ,but that’s it doesn’t know anything else. All of these truly demonstrate how really, for lack of a better word, stupid computers really are.Due to the evidence ,therefore, the Turing test is ineffective and the computer intelligence is a misnomer and therefore.