You Can’t Get Comfortable in Web Development Anymore
Rey Bango

One important thing to remember is that all of these tools did not come out of a vacuum. They were not created just because it seemed like a cool idea. They were created through an iterative process over a period of time to solve real world problems when building web applications at scale. Here “scale” means:

  • Size and complexity of the code.
  • Number of developers working on a project.
  • Size of the user base (which magnifies the effect of bugs).

There is a fairly fixed investment necessary to install, configure, and learn these tools. But these tools have very real benefits that — multiplied by lots of code, lots of developers, lots of change, and a long period of time — far outweigh the initial investment.

If you are a single developer writing a small To Do app — which was the premise of the original Medium post—then of course so much tooling seems like a large investment with very little return. But if you are working on a complex SaaS site that drives the business along with 30 other developers who collectively are making dozens or hundreds of changes per day, then you will inevitably have to face the same issues these tools were created to address.