Journey from Sales to Designer

If you have guts to achieve what you want, then no one will stop you. The same rule I applied to my career. And as result, I am there where I want to see myself.

So, I started my career as a sales person during my final year of graduation. During that period I learned how to deal with the customer about the product and trust me sales persons are the true superhero of the company. Heads off to them. Next was printing shop, this was the weirdest job I have ever done for 2 months, but nothing is bad at work. If you learn something during work, then this is a good lesson for your career.

I completed my graduation and search for another one. I remember it was July 3rd, 2013 when I got a job in NTPCL for their one of the gov. undertaking project. I went to Bhilwara, Rajasthan, but sadly returned in just 2 months and reason was the money. From this, I got to learn that know the company well enough then join.

It was December, and I was jobless almost 6 months. Then I decided to put a final try into IT field. I choose Hyderabad, for doing PHP and web technology. Again the story is same. It was June 2014 when I returned home after unsuccessful series. So finally two of my best friend Aditya and Gopal told me try my luck in Bangalore and it worked.

Journey in Bangalore up to now

I started working at Minacs as Customer Service Associate for 9 months. Somehow I got to know about the customer’s problem around the world. I started improving my design talent and thanks to #Google and #Youtube. And now I started my new career as a Graphics Designer.

Special Thanks

Aditya: A true mentor of my life.
Priyanka: Giving such a big responsibility at risk by knowing I’m new to this field

A Image that change my career.
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