January 2017 Favorites

What an amazing month!! Everyone’s still buzzing about the new year and 2017 is off to a wild start. These are some of my favorites that I’ve been obsessed with this January (for my own personal record):

First off is a TV show. I don’t really watch much TV BUT I fell in love with the HBO show ‘Insecure’. Luckily there’s only one season out so far because I finished it all in one night… It follows a young woman named Issa as she deals with her failing relationship, her best friend’s love life, and her job working at a nonprofit. The plot doesn’t sound too intriguing but it’s so addicting. Everything is well-filmed and the soundtrack is SO FUCKING AWESOME… like Kendrick Lamar, Bryson Tiller, Frank Ocean awesome. YUPPPP. Also, +1 for all the slight racial nuances.

Next up is music. January was a good month for music. Here’s my Soundcloud playlist of all the songs that have been on repeat these past couple of weeks. Some standouts:

  • Deorro! Liked a couple of his songs here and there before but he stole ma heart this month :-) I love how he can go from an upbeat feel-good (almost workout?) song like ‘Goin Up’ to a more feelsy sad song like ‘Tell Me Lies’.
  • ‘Airport Bar’ by Noah is slow and sensual. The lyrics are lonely and sad but it’s such a beautiful song!!

My book of the month was Murakami’s ‘After Dark’. Set in Tokyo, the story is about many different encounters that occur during the late night. The book definitely highlights how mysterious night is — while we sleep, many unpredictable and strange things are happening in our world. A very interesting read.

To wrap it up, my favorite movie was Lala Land (I’m so basic that I watched it at the theaters twice LOL). Very relatable and I love how it leaves you feeling unsettled and a little perturbed. Every decision a person makes is so damn important and can literally change the course of your life forever. I think this point especially stood out to me because we’re graduating and we’re at that time in our lives where we determine our futures.


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