So you think you can take me on ? Ummmm…. Nope. Not because I won’t capitulate and surrender, which I won’t..ever, but because the little attention I’m going to pay to the insignificance of your being. It’s funny really, that although you’ve seen what you’ve seen, the need to still try to attack and outplay me lets me breathe out the cold air of adversity and let in hang like a lifeless cloud of nothingness. I can move forward with a great force in my favour! You shall lose with a disgrace never shown to man and you’ve already lost your view on what could have been because of your pride. I have been given a sword to conquer you with and a word that cannot be challenged. Good luck in your endeavors for you are already fallen. #breatheoutadversity #hesnothingonme #fallenangel #comeatmebrah #conquered #littlevoicewins #neverfail #bornawinner #itiswritten #motivation #inspiration #ck #ckinspires
 May 17, 2016 at 09:12PM
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