The Beginning of It All

I was doing just fine by myself on every aspect. Love was never my priority since i was so buried with work and college. But then, you came in.

It was the simple hello that literally changed everything.

We texted every single day. We talked every single night. It was fast, but I think we were really into each other. Or was it just me?

After several weeks, I knew I needed to ask.

“Don’t you wanna be in a relationship with me?”
“Why so? It’s fun to be just like this.”

Your answer hit me hard. Really.

The one time i put my guard down and it’s a mess. Then you’re slowly fading away after that one question.

I cried myself to sleep. I can’t even get my life together. It’s like my heart is a game in a difficult mode and you just won it by hanging me to dry.

Dear you, you know who you are, the next time you see me;

Break my head, not my heart. Crush my skull, not my hope.

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