Abstract Factory, Concrete Promises

Today Mark Wunsch and I are releasing episode 1, “Cloud”, of our podcast series Abstract Factory. It occurred to me just last night that after a couple of months of discussion and planning, this idea has lived in our heads for so long that the boundaries of it all seem very clear… to the two of us. Now that we’re putting it out there for everyone to see, I wanted to take a few of the decisions that we made and share them with you so that you know what we’re trying to do here.

We Are Observing the Set of Technology ∩ Creativity

Mark and I are both software developers. We believe strongly in the idea that the work we do requires a certain specific kind of creativity and we pride ourselves on that ability. In addition, though, the two of us have both dedicated a significant amount of our lives to other creative pursuits—Mark even studied film in school. Some of the most amazing work our friends do, and the work we aspire to, blends poetry, visual art, or music with technology. It’s our hope that in observing how the technology we’ve built our careers on affects art, culture, and society we can get ourselves and our listeners thinking about things we otherwise wouldn’t.

We Believe Long Podcasts Are a Chore

Episode 1 of Abstract Factory is 26 minutes long. My hope is to never ship an episode much longer than 30 minutes. I don’t like long podcasts and I know that there are others like me. I feel like the market is serving the people who do want two and a half hours of two people talking.

We Have Something to Say

We decided to actually get started with this project only after rounding up notes and links on a pretty wide variety of topics and guessing that each of us had a specific viewpoint to offer about those particular topics. We are not going to make episodes just to keep to a schedule, so if we release an episode, believe that we’re doing it for the purpose of making something good, not to make it in under the deadline.

We Want This To Be Great

We’re in the scheduling phase for our next episode. Once we lock down our recording space, investigating new recording equipment will be a priority. We decided to work with what we had for the first one to prove to ourselves that the concept and content felt right, but we know we can improve on the actual sound quality.

So that’s the important stuff that came out of the discussions Mark and I had over the first two months of 2014. If this sounds good, and you haven’t yet heard the podcast, make sure to go check out Episode 1 and follow us on Twitter for updates.

Lastly— thanks SO much to Mark for all the work he’s put into making this happen, especially for designing & building the beautiful website and for the hours of editing that went into this first thing. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here!


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