Agenda: The 2016 Tinyletter Summit

For email newsletteurs

  • Web-based letter archives: yea or nay?
  • Section headers that imply an oddly specific regular feature as a way of highlighting the absurdity of what’s below it
  • That thing where you try to act casual about basically begging for subscribers
  • So you made a Twitter account for your Tinyletter’s brand
  • Running jokes that only you realize are happening
  • Tinyletter’s stats, Illuminati conspiracy theories, and other things that totally make sense
  • Logging into Tinyletter on your phone: not even once
  • Clever things to put in your “home address” field
  • Haha oh god email is the worst what are we doing
  • When a back issue is so good you just GOTTA send it out to all the new subscribers you got off the ensuing social media buzz
  • We Are All Alexis Madrigal Now
  • Tinyletter engineers are reading your newsletters and laughing at you
  • How to get the ex you want back to subscribe to your Tinyletter (but not the other ones)
  • Email’s secret HTML tags: what your web browser doesn’t want you to know
  • Emails are gremlins: don’t send your Tinyletter after midnight
  • What is “blog”
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