How to Pay for using Zencash

With continued invasions into our privacy, it would at least be nice to have some privacy around our pornography habits. One of the top sites in the world recently added a payment option for a cryptocurrency called ZenCash. ZenCash has a strong focus on privacy, and is my favorite cryptocurrency so this was a great choice.

This tutorial will walk you through using Zencash to pay for content at

Enough talking, show me how!

  • Visit
  • Click “JOIN NOW” in the upper right hand corner

Select Payment Type

  • Fill out a username and choose a Password
  • Next, pick “Join by Cryto Currency” under Payment Type
  • Now click the big red “GET FULL ACCESS” botton

This will take you to payment page, where you must choose ZenCash from the dropdown list of cryptocurrencies. At this stage, you must also provide an email. Use a service like, not the family email account!


This will take you to the payment page, shown below:

Send ZEN Via QR Code or Address

To keep it completely private use a shielded address. Here’s a video describing the process using the Swing Wallet.

And now wait for the transaction to confirm and your membership will start!