Maintenance pages are boring, always the same boring ‘Be right back’ or ‘Please stand by’ message.

People want access to their content and they want it now. But what happens when you can’t serve it because you’re upgrading your service or you have a technical issue. Is the downtime necessary or you can avoid it?

If you can’t avoid it, make sure you enjoy it. More specifically your users enjoy it.

When downtime is inevitable you need to employ your fantasy and entertain your visitors. Make them forget what they originally came for and get lost in your magic. …

Tiny UX details can turn an ordinary product into a beloved one. Overuse them and see the great UX of your product fail.

That happened when I first noticed the browser detail of Invision. For those who don’t know, Invision’s blog changes the title of the page when you are browsing away (see screenshot below). The title changes to “Don’t forget to read this…” to make you check back again later.

Modern websites nowadays are having full screen sections on their homepage. If they are not full screen, they take at least 80–90% percent of the real estate and that needs developing time and a lot of javascript coding.

To give you an example of what I am talking about here are some examples of websites that are using this layout.
They use data-attributes to store the height proportions ex. data-autosize=”0.6" and then set the height of each section with javascript.

Andrew Kordampalos

Developer / Designer and UX thinker. I love coding, data, bots and automation. Currently at

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