Being competent

What does it mean for an individual to be competent?

It means to have an ability in accomplishing a certain task when the majority of people are incapable of doing it. In order to be at such a level, it requires having superior knowledge or extraordinary skills and experiences in an area that ones want to be called as an expert.

Being competent, however, is not a self statement, rather an evaluation from other people related to the exercise of that specific competency. We often realize, to be honest, that what we have or do is not good enough to be recognized. And it surely hurts oneself to admit of any incapability especially when a particular ability is desperately required to complete a work, but sadly that is not one of yours yet. However painful it may be, that is where all it starts to be competent as you wish you should be.

Fear that makes you consider yourself inferior comes before a positive transformation. To become competent involves a process of exposing oneself to that fear to identify and accept that it is nothing, but a part of what it takes to be a bit more competent. Fear is an illusion for those who sees it face to face in a faith that it is universal, but nothing more than a piece of evidence that we are human beings alive. Who really gets competent is the kind of people who can take things as they are and then courageously put into practice what is required to make a difference. We grow only when what has been learned practiced.

Here are a few practical advise for myself.

1. Take action and reflect on what you do and do it everyday. When you do it, try as much as possible to be incorporated with different dimensions of thoughts and perspectives.

2. Make notes of ideas and insights that comes to you while working with people and go through them to learn a better way.

3. Always be acquainted with a global standard and trend in the field of what you do in order to look into a specific idea within a broader framework. Try to apply the small in consideration of the big. 
4. Always bring definitions to key concepts that are embracing your work. Incarnate words and action into your heart. You would be able to express in a precise and clear sentence.

5. Be creative and curious about the fundamental principles and language that govern the nature of the world you live. You can master this by walking on the streets.

6. Help others to do their jobs successfully. In doing so, you would be able to not only do your own work as successful, but also will be found as a leader.

7. Do it at once.

Let’s not forget, by the way, the purpose of our trying to be competent. It is good to be competent in what we do, not because we have to win over another to be more successful, but to do a job more efficiently and effectively so that competency of the each finally comes together making this world we are living a better place. Competency should always work around humanity.