Out of nowhere.

What is acceptable in one culture may not be so in another. This holds true in managing a regional development project, and thereby you need to be flexible. To be honest, practitioners are frequently asked to open their minds to a set of perspectives through which they get to learn new ways of understanding on what they think they have known.

When you have to embrace yourself within what surrounds you, however, you experience being free of the result of constant uncertainty that is often considered as a challenge in operation of development activities. Any positive outcome of project expected to be delivered in its completion may be a fruit of a continuous revision because you would end up dealing with the exceptional consequences of what has seemed to be obvious.

It is evident, whether you like or not, that you would have to manage the unfolding in a way much different from what you have exercised up to now. Although that kind of experience can give you a bit of stress, you need not be frustrated since you would find it eventually valuable in seeing you grow mature than before.

In this experience, you’d better take a sufficient time to reflect upon the reality at a given context and begin to learn ways of how things work. In the process, keep yourself calm in taking what is seemingly a failure in terms of achieving a set goal, but, in fact, which is a source of joy you would enjoy in the course of observing the dynamic of what is totally different in kind.

Development can never be reduced to a matter of the outcome of linear progress. Rather, it comes in all directions and dimensions complex and interwoven each other establishing different cultural and social backgrounds . The wise is who, in encounter of any deviation or a sense of being lost, attempts to find a way to internalize whatever is experienced in recognition of the favor and support that you could earn from the unknown situation.