Apple Goes Part Time on Touch
Steven Levy

Shouldn't we be asking the real "pro" questions, like the 16G limit and the underwhelming GPU, which are unnecessary compromises over an modest increase in thickness and weight? This is truly limiting for developers especially when it comes to big data and deep learning. I suspect the same goes for video editing software. Another unnecessary compromise is the lack of esc key, which does have workarounds but again for many developers this is a major annoyance with no good reason why this is the way it is. Touch bar, USB C, dongles etc. are, in my opinion, smokescreens clouding the real "pro" issues, which we should have pushed Phil for answers. I can't help but feeling disappointed as I had expected a lot more than populism from the Backchannel. BTW, another decision which feels arbitrary is why Lightning is still a thing. Replacing it with USB C will be truly seen as a courageous move.

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