Negativity VS Positivity

Are you focusing on negativity or positivity around you?

I’m done with it — these negative ramblings people around me are talking.

These negative force brings me down. It makes me feel numb. It affects how I see the world. It depresses me.

Our mind is like a pond of water. When a pond is formed the water is so pure. When it gets mixed up by dirt, the water starts becoming more and more toxicated. But after being left still for a while, the water then seems clear again.

Our mind is like water in a pond. Once being left still — absent of distraction of a negative force — it becomes clear again.

It’s actually all about what you put to your attention, which then consumes your thought and leads to its effect on your mind, how you feel, the way you interact with what is around you.

Surround yourself with positive energy is the thing I try to hold up myself. My goal these days is to surround myself with people, things, and environment that provide a positive vibe.

Cut off negative things around you. Don’t feel sorry for it because it brings you no good. Only good pain.