Be careful with what you say on social media

Social media is what we are speaking on at the moment but many people fail to realize most of the stuff we say will live forever. The moment you click tweet or post, whatever criticism you had towards a certain person or whatever joke you thought that was funny ends up in other people’s mouths.

Being behind a phone or computer is a whole different thing than being in front of somebody in person. Most people would love to say certain things to a person but can’t express their feelings at that moment especially if the feelings are negative so they’d rather feel more comfortable and run behind a screen and talk their stuff. I’ve witnessed it countless of times mostly in females though lol. Witnessed males do it too but I believe that is girl behavior whatever man does that type of stuff. At times many people call me blunt or an “asshole” for speaking my mind and telling it how it is, positive or negative. Just the other day I had my female friend call me an asshole cause I had to tell her about herself lol. But I’d rather do that to the person’s face instead of throwing subliminal comments or speaking my thoughts on social media.

I’m just being real.

A global hate figure cause of 1 tweet

With the Justine Sacco situation, I never ever heard of it before now and honestly I’m laughing at how stupid and foolish this woman had to be to think that her tweet was some kind of joke or would have people laughing with her. Thousands of people went on a rampage on twitter due to the obnoxious racist tweet she posted. So only African-Americans can get AIDS? And because you were going to Africa you believe that’s what that continent is about? Her life turned upside down because of her foolish nonsense. She lost her job, she became the world’s number one enemy at one point, she became unhealthy, had to hide out and disguise herself in these streets and was hated by all. She claims she was poking fun at the fact that she lives in America and is in a “bubble” so she chose to joke about a third world country. She didn’t believe it would be taken so literal and serious… Really? LOL people expect that type of comment or behavior from a high schooler not a grown ass woman who should be at a professional level with common sense. I believe she deserves everything that happened to her. Maybe next time she should ask her friends or someone close to her for their opinions on a certain tweet before posting things like that. Me? I know what to say and how to say it whenever I am on social media. Yes I speak my mind and don’t sugarcoat anything but I do watch out for certain people that would be offended by certain things because a lot of people out here are sensitive so you still gotta be careful before you become like Justine Sacco. So no this won’t really affect me and the way I use social media because I already was smart when it came to the social world.