On Thursday, January 14th, the nominees for the 2016 Academy Awards were announced which made it the second year in a row that all the nominees were Caucasian. This caused so much controversy that is still being talked about a few days before the Oscars will go on live this Sunday. Black people were pushed to create a twitter hashtag called #OscarsSoWhite which then went on to Facebook and Instagram.

Many celebrities have spoken out from Jada Pinkett Smith and her husband Will Smith to Spike Lee (who all said publicly that they will not be attending the event) to even the host Chris Rock who even called the Oscars “the white BET Awards” which I found funny by the way. The fact that many of his peers want Chris Rock to step down and boycott the show as well, he says he is still hosting it. I feel as though Chris will use his comedic skills and unapologetic outspoken voice to speak his mind on the whole controversy and I know for a fact he will make many people in the audience uncomfortable.

According to Oscar nominee The Weeknd, who is nominated for Best Original Song in a film, “ You know, music is so diverse. My fans couldn’t even put a face or color or anything to my music. The same with film, it’s such a diverse thing. Every movie you see now is inspired by diversity. So it’s unfortunate…. but I think it’s much deeper than the academy or deeper than the film or music industry. It’s an issue that the nation has been dealing with, and I’m glad this has sparked a conversation … it needed to happen. And good for the academy for trying to make the new changes.”

I completely agree with him. Movies are so diverse that every strong deep film that has a meaning to it is based upon that. He’s also saying that this is not only in the Academy Awards but also in reality as well. Alot of black entertainers do not get the credit they deserve which makes them go out and have their own awards shows and even at the black shows you will notice that people of Caucasian color are sometimes nominees and are always supportive and in attendance. This whole controversy to me honestly is what is needed to open some of the people’s eyes and push more equality in the entertainment world and fairness.

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