Difference Between Digital and Print

Digital vs Prints

Me personally I do not really buy newspapers like that. I may find one laying around my house, or find one in a public place, but that would be the only time I would take my time out to read a newspaper. Because of all the access I have to everything through my phone, it makes it way much easier for me and others to find out what’s going on in the world.

Print media was once the Jay-Z of on-the-go news, but the use and the selling of daily newspapers and other physical prints have decreased strongly because of the way the Internet has given people so many news at the palm of our hands. I know for a fact most people that used to buy newspapers do not even look at a newspaper stand anymore, they just go straight to their phones.

So many news apps that is available to us

Digital news has so many differences than print from the variety of pictures, to memes, to comment section, and the way the news is brought to us citizens. The newspapers and physical copies of the news seems more in depth and more towards the people of older age, for example my grandpa. He reads newspapers faithfully, buys them still. I don’t see him going to the Safari app on a phone and looking up news it just wouldn’t happen. So many people who are old school would most likely prefer the physical copies rather than the digital.

The article I chose to write about is from the Daily News, which was written by Adam Edelman who works for the newspaper. I noticed a few differences between the digital version and the print version. What I noticed is that the titles of the articles are different. The articles itself are the same with slight changes in the way everything is worded. The digital version has so many pictures added to the article and videos of Trump and the current election going on. The pictures are way more high-definition and clear.