How To Get An Invokana Settlement: 4 Things You Need To Know

The lawsuits with regards to Invokana state that the manufacturer of this type-2 diabetes medication didn’t warn the patients as well as the physicians about the increase in the risk of myocardial infraction, kidney failure and ketoacidosis that this medication can result in.

Attorneys of the patients state that if manufacturer had warned the doctors properly, they would not have prescribed this medication to the patients suffering from type-2 diabetes. Also, if the patients knew about these side-effects, they would’ve got their health professionally monitored on a regular basis to look for signs of these side-effects.

1. If you believe you have been harmed by Invokana

As the litigation continues, Invokana settlement is not yet paid to the patients. Along with the increasing number of patients who are now filing the lawsuit, even the settlement amount continues to increase. If you have suffered any kind of side-effect due to this drug, it is highly recommended that you should get in touch with an attorney for filing your claim against the manufacturer.

2. Do not cross the time limit

If you are looking to file a lawsuit against the manufacturers of Invokana as you’ve suffered from some kind of health-related problem due to this medication, it is important to know that there are deadlines for filing such a lawsuit. If you fail to file your claim within this deadline, you wouldn’t be able to file the lawsuit. These deadlines vary between states. Thus, it is recommended that you should search for the deadline of filing lawsuits against dangerous drugs within your state to make sure that you don’t miss the deadline.

3. Dangerous drug attorneys can help

A good dangerous drug attorney is whom you should get in touch to file your claim or if you are looking to file a claim on behalf of your family member. An attorney will file a claim against the manufacturers of Invokana to help you get adequate compensation for the injuries or health problems caused due to this drug. You might actually be entitled to an Invokana settlement.

The settlement amount will pay for your suffering, pain, and disability caused due to Invokana. Moreover, it can also include income losses and medical expenses.

4. Compensation details

As there have been no Invokana settlement till date, details about the compensation are difficult to estimate. However, the compensation amount is increasing considerably with the increase in the number of patients filing their claims.

Also, the Invokana lawsuit lawyers would generally not require you to pay any kind of fees for getting started or any kind of legal fees until you don’t receive any kind of settlement. However, if you do get an Invokana settlement, the attorney or the law firm will then ask for a percentage from the compensation amount.

If you are suffering from any kind of side-effects due to

consuming Invokana and your doctors assure you of the same, you should definitely get in touch with an Invokana lawsuit lawyer to file a claim to make sure that you are adequately compensated for your suffering.

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