Claiming Insurance? Follow these dos and don’ts

Insurances are like the security of money, life, property, career and many other assets and liabilities we have in life. There are times when we look forward to claim insurance that we have purchased once to safeguard certain things. However, claiming insurance is sometimes hassle and should be handled smartly. There are certain dos and don’ts one should follow while claiming insurance so that the person receives the sum from the insurance. Those dos and don’ts will help you to tackle the entire official tussle in a smarter way and you will find a passage out of the entire mess.

Below are the list of dos and don’ts you should follow while claiming insurance. It can be a claim for life policy or can be anything, these rules will help you always.


1. Do consult a legal attorney for claiming the insurance.

2. Review your insurance policy and find out what are the things that are covered under the policy.

3. After any incident where you can claim insurance, you should immediately notify the insurance company about the incident.

4. Always tell the truth to your insurance company.

5. Always investigate your policy for additional coverage. You can get additional support as well.

6. Make a record of the conversation between you and the insurance company.


1. Don’t accept the estimate provided by the insurance company. Double check it yourself.

2. Don’t give the company any written agreement or a recorded statement about anything until you are sure that you have received what was yours.

3. Don’t accept any check or payment especially the one stating final payment until your entire amount is cleared.

4. Do not sign a waiver or release agreement of the amount until and unless you are advised legally.

With the above ways, you can easily claim your insurance and get the amount you are supposed to get.

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