Becoming a Social Entrepreneur (accidentally, of course)

I’m at the Skoll World Forum this week in Oxford, England, the premier event for social entrepreneurs. As I soak up the amazing world-changers here, I also wanted to add my own story of becoming a social entrepreneur (accidentally, of course), to the pot.

Here’s the article I wrote for the Skoll World Forum:

It was while living and working in an orphanage in the highlands of Kenya that I first learned about The Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Said Business School. In this unique place where social entrepreneurship and business acumen successfully collided, I learned, select social entrepreneurs could pursue MBAs at no cost.
I applied, was accepted, and cheered warily. For many social entrepreneurs, the high cost of financing an MBA — at Said Business School or otherwise — makes it out of the question. I was one such social entrepreneur.
For me, the scholarship was a prerequisite to the study.
I did my interview for the Skoll Scholarship from a ship off the coast of Antarctica. The line stung of static and every word cost a fortune. It was worth it, of course. In the hot summer of Buenos Aires, I got word that I had been named a Skoll Scholar. My husband and I toasted high.
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