SFU Public Square’s panel discussed identity-motivated reasoning, personality dark traits, how exactly our minds are being attacked by disinformation — and what to do about it.

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People who work in tech and media are in the front seat of the dominant forces shaping our public sphere. But last night, the crowd of 2,500 at Queen Elizabeth Theatre learned that the responsibility should be shared among all of us. Here are some of the highlights from SFU Public Square’s Confronting the Disinformation Age.

The panel was hosted by the CBC’s Ian Hanomansing. The three panelists were David Frum, Sue Gardner, and Christopher Wylie. David Frum is the Senior Editor at the Atlantic. He is the author of Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic and a republican…

Founders and new marketers have the same challenges when it comes to strategic marketing. This is where to start.

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“I’ve been promoted within my organization and am finding myself tasked with interpreting and now writing strategy plans — and I’m drowning a bit. How did you go from a tactical worker bee to a strategic dynamo?”

Someone posted this in a professional group chat recently.

There were lots of replies. “Fake it till you make it!” one person yelled out in support. “Take a course online” suggested another. One person recommended books by Joe Pulizzi and Seth Godin. Someone else said to go back to school part time to get a certificate in business communications.

But there are really…

At my weakest moment, I learned something powerful about my own existence

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Four years ago, I was riding my bike to work. The temperature was slightly above freezing, but my route followed a north-facing hill that, at the bottom, still had black ice from the morning cold. As I reached a corner, I felt my bike slip slightly. “Fuck,” I muttered, before I lost control.

The next few days are difficult for me to describe, emotionally. I was injured, but my brain seemed to not want to admit that something was wrong. I started to feel weird. Just… off. The day after my accident, I stayed home from work. In the afternoon…

It’s no secret that women represent an embarrassingly low percentage of the technology workforce in Vancouver. So, hundreds of professional women have turned their frustrations into helpful societies, directories, forums, and communities to improve Vancouver’s gender equality quotient. I’m proud to say I know some of these women, and proud to list their services here.

I’d like to thank Jessie Kaur for her help on this post. She found descriptions for many of the links. Many of these suggestions came from Girl Gang, a Facebook group for women in Media and Communications. Thanks very much to those folks!

This is…

Focusing on the user and iteration could make for more positive and fruitful relations between agencies and clients.

Old Street roundabout, aka Silicon Roundabout, the home of many UK tech startups. Photograph: Jeff Blackler/Rex Features

Startups scurry to solve new problems in hopes of creating new markets or disrupting existing ones. They strategise for aggressive financial and geographic growth. That’s what makes them special: those that succeed really succeed.

Two central ways in which startups operate — strong user-centricity (putting the end user first in all aspects of design and output) and a focus on iteration — are fast becoming entrenched principles at leading digital agencies. …

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