Goodnight Brain

A Children’s Story for Adults

In a small living room

There was a coat rack
And a glass of dusty water

And a notepad filled with
508 million things to do.

And three bills on the counter

And eleven unread messages

And so many unspoken things

There were small little fears
Crawling about like worms.

And “Am I smart?”
And “Is it too late?”
And “Am I really alone?”

And of course, 
the rudest of all
“Am I enough?”
(Such a sharp little needle.)

Goodnight small room 
Goodnight coat rack
Goodnight glass of dusty water.

Goodnight long list
Goodnight bills on the counter.

Goodnight night worry worms.

Goodnight lonely messages 
And goodnight fretful chants.

Goodnight needle doubts.

Goodnight little living room.

Goodnight brain.

It’s time to go to bed, my dear.