Interaction Design: Animal Tracker

The app Animal Tracker was designed as a platform to allow everyday citizens to collect information for an animal census. To design this app, I began by working with a larger team to brainstorm various problems that we could collect information on. After generating many ideas, we split off to focus on our own designs. My focus was on Animal Tracker, which allows any park-goer in the area to capture images of an animal they spot, add details about this animal, tag the location it was spotted, and submit their description. The user could potentially be compensated if their information is useful to scientists.

Here I am brainstorming ideas with my larger team. We are trying to determine potential information we could collect about animals.

Here the larger group came up with a list of potential user motivations to engage them with the apps.

After discussing ideas as a larger team, we all split off on our own routes. This is in the early design stages of Animal Tracker, when I was determining how to navigate through the app.

Here, my team and I write down ideas on numeric and sensor data that can be collected in the apps.

While this app was fun to develop, some challenges arose in the process. One of my initial challenges was determining the best form of motivation in order to get the user to use the app. In addition, I would like to further work through developing this app, by focusing on various navigational layouts to see which one is favored by the users, as well as adding in more areas for the user to describe the animals in further depth.

In designing this app, I enjoyed being able to come up with my own idea and have the flexibility to really focus in on it. I appreciated having the chance to discuss ideas with a larger group before going off on our own routes. I enjoyed the challenge of framing the app around citizen science, as it helped me look at different ways to build the app, especially in regards to figuring out a motivation for the users.

Click below to view a video of a user trying out the app!